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Music Video


Make your own music video today. We have all seen great talented people online. There are roughly 60-70% of amateur music videos made online by our young generation. This has in some cases, made major stars in the world today. What if you could heighten your chances by releasing your best musical talents via our studio? A high quality audio & video music clip with Melbourne Drum Studio could be the difference of just doing what you love or an opportunity of making it all the way.


What You Get


A full HD video clip with multiple angle footage featured in the Melbourne Drum Studio website. Your footage will also be released to our You Tube channel and Face Book Page. We will shoot and record footage of your choice for as long as it takes to get you looking and sounding amazing on the social media network.




The key point here is to expose your talent to the world with the best possible chance of exposure with a professional product. With our studio facilities and your great performance, we will help deliver your very best representation.




Prices per track:


Soloist:         $75

Duo/Trio       $120

Bands:         $200

Jay Von-Veit

Gabby Drummer - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Emily Daye - Piano Composition

Melbourne Drum Studio

Mick Mills Melbourne Drum Studio - The Begining

Gabby Drummer - Dancing With The Devil

Gabby Drummer - Infinite Dreams

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